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Green Chilly (Mirch)

Green Chilly (Mirch)
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Green Chilly (Mirch)

Green Mirchi Seeds: The water-rich chillies are a versatile ingredient and are used in quite a number of preparations world over. The flavour enhancer can be used generously to spice up any meal. Eat it raw, fried, roasted, pickled, or any which way you like but in moderation. The other very important nutrient found in abundance in green chillies is the antioxidant Vitamin C. It helps in boosting immunity, and keeping the eyes and skin healthy. Sow hot chilli seeds a ½ inch deep and 18 to 24 inches asunder. Space rows 24 to 36 inches apart. Sow two seeds in each pot and lightly for the most successful seedling. Chillies can be transplanted when 4 to 6 inches tall. 

Growing Requirements: The crop can be a victim of small soft-bodied insects laying a cluster of 50-150 eggs on the underside of leaves and/or stems of the plant causing holes in the foliage. Heavy feeding by young larvae can also lead to skeletonised leaves, shallow, dry wounds on fruit. The pests affecting chilly plant are - Aphids, Cutworms, Flea Beetles, Hornworms. Chillies grow well in soil that has a neutral or slightly acidic pH of 6.5-7. It can be grown in all type of soft soil but loamy and clay soils are best suited for it. They prefer a spot that receives plenty of suns. Hot peppers grow best where air temperature ranges from 21° to 35°C (70° to 

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